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Our ships are organized into three main categories; Luxury Expedition, Expedition and Ice Breaker. Each offer their own unique travel experience and amenities.

With so many cruises to choose from, and a wide range of itineraries, dates and prices, the choices can be overwhelming. With our personal experience and knowledge, we can help you navigate through the options and help determine the best trip for you. We do so by basing our suggestions on your travel preferences and the experience that is important to you. It’s important that we book you on the right trip at the right price. We offer value while we value your business! Click on the ship icons to see detailed descriptions.

Luxury Expedition Ships

Silver Cloud
254 Passengers

Silver Explorer
144 Passengers

Silver Wind
298 Passengers

Le Boreal
264 Passengers

Sea Spirit
114 Passengers

170 Passengers

170 Passengers

Greg Mortimer
120 Passengers

Sea Venture
139 Passengers

264 Passengers

Magellan Explorer
69 Passengers

199 Passengers

Sylvia Earle
126 Passengers

World Explorer
176 Passengers

Ocean Victory
189 Passengers

Scenic Eclipse
228 Passengers

Ocean Albatros
93 Cabins

Island Sky
108 Passengers

Le Commandant Charcot
270 Passengers

SH Minerva
152 Passengers

Expedition Ships

G Expedition
134 Passengers

108 Passengers

108 Passengers

Ocean Adventurer
132 Passengers

Ocean Diamond
189 Passengers

Ocean Atlantic
198 Passengers

Ocean Endeavour (Chimu)
200 Passengers

Ocean Nova
78 Passengers

MV Togo
12 Passengers

Polar Pioneer
48 Passengers


50 Years of Victory - Poseidon
124 Passengers

50 Years of Victory - Quark
128 Passengers

DISCLAIMER: Rates are per person and subject to change.