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North Pole: The Ultimate Adventure
Conquer the Top of the World aboard the most powerful icebreaker ever built

Imagine standing at the top of the Earth, glass of champagne in hand - and everywhere you look is south. That is the essence of the 14-day North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure aboard 50 Years of Victory, the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world. Crush through multiyear ice on the Arctic Ocean, sightsee by helicopter, or take a tethered hot-air balloon ride at 90° N (weather permitting). Possible stops at the island of Franz Josef Land will have you in awe of the flora and fauna.




  • Be one of only a handful of people to have ever traveled to the North Pole!
  • Travel in comfort and safety aboard one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers—50 Years of Victory
  • Watch for Arctic wildlife including polar bears, ivory gulls and other seabirds and marine mammals
  • Make a landing at remote Franz Josef Land archipelago in Russia’s far north


Rates are listed per person in USD
Start DateEnd DateTwinMini SuiteSuiteVictory SuiteArktika Suite
Mandatory Transfer Package Details:
Price: $1,995 per person
  • Pre- and post-expedition hotel night in Helsinki and breakfast
  • Return flight from Helsinki to Murmansk
  • Transfer to and from the ship
  • Transfer from airport to hotel in Helsinki
Rates are listed per person in USD
Start DateEnd Date(Starting from)
Arktika Suite
Mandatory Transfer Package Details:
Price: $1,995 per person
  • Pre- and post-expedition hotel night in Helsinki and breakfast
  • Return flight from Helsinki to Murmansk
  • Transfer to and from the ship
  • Transfer from airport to hotel in Helsinki


Day 1: Helsinki, Finland

Your adventure begins with a one-night stay in magical Helsinki, Finland's capital.

Day 2: Embarkation Day in Murmansk

From Helsinki, take our charter flight to Murmansk, Russia, where you'll join 50 Years of Victory, the world's largest and most powerful icebreaker.

Days 3–6: Northbound in the Arctic Ocean

Being on board Victory and feeling the icebreaker as it crushes through the arctic pack ice is an experience you’ll never forget. Just as memorable is boarding the ship’s helicopter for a thrilling aerial view over the ship and the expansive Arctic Ocean. You can expect variable sailing conditions this far north. The crossing from Murmansk to the North Pole can take us anywhere from four to six days depending on the ice conditions. This means you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your shipmates and be treated to lectures and discussions by our Expedition Team while looking out for birdlife. There are also many wonderful amenities on board, such as the ship’s lap pool or basketball court.

Day 7: 90° North

The anticipation reaches a climax as you arrive at the North Pole! Many travelers find themselves overcome with emotion, while others are in a festive and celebratory mood. Take photos, call your family, wave a flag— just be sure you enjoy your moment at the top! Later, everyone will celebrate with a champagne toast and a barbecue on the ice. If the opportunity allows, you have the option of taking a polar plunge into the icy waters around the North Pole. We’ll also attempt to launch passengers high above the Pole in our hot air balloon to commemorate this great moment (this is highly weather dependent).

Day 8: Southbound in the Arctic Ocean

On our return voyage, you can sit back and relax. As you head farther south, you may get lucky and spot polar bears hunting for seals.

Days 9-10: Franz Josef Land and the Arctic Ocean

This group of 191 islands forms the most northerly archipelago in Eurasia and lies entirely within the Arctic Circle. Here, you’ll explore Cape Flora and discover historic remains from three ill-fated arctic expeditions. When conditions permit, we’ll launch the Zodiacs and cruise beneath towering cliffs to explore remote seabird colonies. The 50 Years of Victory helicopter will provide aerial sightseeing, and our Zodiacs will transfer you to seldom-visited landing sites.

Day 11-12: Southbound at Sea

Enjoy your time on deck or reminisce with your shipmates and new friends as you cross the Arctic Ocean back to Murmansk. Expedition staff will be on hand to answer any remaining questions and point out wildlife during the return journey.

Day 13: Disembarkation in Murmansk, Russia

Returning to Russia’s most northerly city, it will be time to bid farewell to 50 Years of Victory. You’ll be transferred to the airport for your charter flight to Helsinki, Finland, to enjoy one final night with your newfound friends.

Day 14: Helsinki, Finland

After breakfast, your journey comes to an end. We do encourage you to spend time exploring Helsinki, Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) and Saint Petersburg.

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  • Shipboard accommodation with housekeeping
  • Shipboard breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Shore landings included in daily program
  • Group helicopter transfers and sightseeing flights included in the daily program
  • Professional Expedition Leadership
  • All Zodiac excursions and transfers
  • Formal and informal educational presentations by the Expedition Team
  • Photographic Journal on DVD, documenting the voyage
  • The loan of a pair of waterproof boots for the duration of the voyage
  • An official expedition parka to keep
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock
  • Hair dryer and bathrobes in each cabin
  • Comprehensive pre-departure package including a meticulously researched Arctic Reader and map
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program
  • All shipboard luggage handling

  • Hot Air Ballooning: USD 495 subject to weather conditions
  • Helicopter Flightseeing: FREE


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