Le Commandant Charcot - 270 Guests
Autumn Splendours: From Lofoten to the Norwegian Fjords
14 days Narvik - Bergen


With featured guest Nick Rains, Australian photo ambassador.

The backwash has left its mark on these landscapes shaped over time and hemmed the coastline into lacework. During a brand-new PONANT journey, discover the fragile edges of the shores of Norway and marvel at its inestimable treasures. On contact with these sublime panoramas, you will savour friluftsliv, which refers to the concept of reconnecting to nature without altering it. The Norwegians have elevated this philosophical concept into a way of living, closely connected to kos – meaning a pleasant moment. As winter approaches, the light becomes subdued and you will be able to admire the fascinating Lofoten archipelago, immerse yourself in nature amidst the most majestic fjords, and discover the beautiful illuminated coastal cities.

Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, you will have access to splendid viewpoints. From the warm and refined refuge of its spaces opening out onto the exterior, the Observatory Lounge or the uninterrupted outside promenade deck are ideal for enjoying moments in complete communion with the elements.

Discover the Lofoten Islands, which are like a world apart, simultaneously theatrical and wild. They offer a varied palette of decors: alpine peaks, sandy shores, lush plains and majestic fjords. The traditional dark red fishing huts known as rorbuer punctuate the landscape with their ancestral presence.

As the Norwegian Sea bathes each meander and each sker - rocky islet - of its immense and rugged coastline, discover the history of these coastal cities and fishing villages built as close as possible to the shore. The sea will continue to accompany your discovery of the geological wonders and spectacular fjords surrounded by snow-covered peaks.

Throughout your journey, an exhilarating seasonal half-light will embellish these powerful panoramas, where land and sea come together, the quintessence of Norwegian identity.

The itinerary is subject to modifications. On board, the sailing programme, outings and activities cannot be guaranteed and are subject to weather conditions.




  • With featured guest Nick Rains, Australian photo ambassador.
  • The eye and the advice of our photo ambassador, a privileged opportunity to immortalise your trip with, in the programme: workshops, conferences and personalized advice to improve your photographic skills.
  • An all-new PONANT journey sailing as closely as possible to the shores of continental Norway and discovering its coastal treasures, the Lofoten archipelago, majestic fjords and beautiful and characterful cities, beneath a theatrical light at the approach of winter.
  • Outings and shore visits with a team of naturalist-guides.
  • Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, a warm and refined cocoon opening to the exteriorenjoy a unique experience in complete communion with the surrounding scenery.
  • Discovering the Lofoten archipelago, a real wonder of wild nature, and its Viking heritage.
  • Discovering the Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Songerfjord, the world’s second-longest fjord after Scoresby Sound.
  • Activities* during the unique winter season: kayaking, chasing the Northern Lights, and more.
  • Discovering emblematic Scandinavian architecture: Bryggen, the Hanseatic district of Bergen, the Art Nouveau district of Ålesund and the rorbuer, dark red fishing huts.
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle

*Activities subject to weather conditions, to be pre-booked before the cruise. More information available soon.


Rates are listed per person in USD. Promotional offers are not reflected in the rates below.
Start DateEnd DateStarting Rates
Nov 07, 2024Nov 20, 2024REQUEST QUOTE
Rates are listed per person in USD. Promotional offers are not reflected in the rates below.
Start DateEnd DateStarting Rates
Nov 07, 2024Nov 20, 2024REQUEST QUOTE


Embarkation 11/7/2024 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Departure 11/8/2024 at 11:00 PM

Beyond the Arctic Circle, you will discover Narvik, nestling in the heart of impressive mountains that plunge into the
Ofotfjord. It is on the verge of obtaining the “sustainable destination” label, a national label awarded to destinations
that are committed to a sustainable approach to tourism for the long term. You will be mesmerised by its scenery.
From Narvik, it is possible to take the Ofoten Line towards Sweden. This historic railway once linked the mineral-rich
mines of Kiruna in Sweden to the ice-free port of Narvik.

Arrival 11/9/2024 early morning
Departure 11/9/2024 late evening

Are you attracted by the force of the elements, by the world’s end, by untamed landscapes? Welcome to the Lofoten
Islands, an archipelago moored in the Norwegian Sea, beyond the Arctic Circle. Here, you will sail in majestic decors of
alpine summits, sandy coves, sharp peaks emerging from the sea and deep-blue fjords rippling with fish. The small
town of Leknes is on Vestvagoy Island. All around you are the jagged shapes of mountains, and bays that empty and
fill with the tides. During this port of call, you will be able to hike or partake in other open-air activities to ensure that
you really appreciate all the region’s natural treasures. You will set off to meet the Vikings at the Lofotr Viking
Museum and reach the small fishing port of Henningsvær, which is picturesque and lively, with its cafés, art gallery
and modern art museum.

Arrival 11/10/2024 early morning
Departure 11/10/2024 early afternoon

Norwegians consider the small fishing port of Reine to be their country’s most beautiful village; it seems to have been
naturally set in the heart of a bay encircled by craggy mountains. Very close by, Flakstad stands out thanks to its
superb white sandy beach and bronze-coloured waters, and its red wooden onion-domed church emerging from the
cliffs. Other villages are scattered along the roads; they follow the rhythm of skrei (cod) fishing, which helps the region
prosper. Here, the seagulls absorb the silence on the roofs of the fishermen’s houses built on stilts. A few weeks later,
these rorbuers are going to welcome thousands of people from all over Norway who will take part in the “miraculous
fishing” that stretches from January to April every year, continuing an ancestral tradition that goes as far back as the

Arrival 11/11/2024 early morning
Departure 11/11/2024 mid afternoon

Sitting on the Torget peninsula, surrounded by water and a myriad of islands, Brønnøysund invites you to the heart of
a wild natural environment. This former Viking city nestled around a narrow harbour enjoys a strategic location and
centralises fishing- and trade-related activities. The lively atmosphere that reigns around the marina contrasts with
the tranquillity of the archipelago. At the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, you will better understand the global success
of Norwegian aquaculture and sample its excellent products. You will also have the chance to hike along the mythical
granite dome of Torghatten, the pierced hat-shaped mountain, to admire the astonishing natural hole formed in the
rock during the Ice Age. A few kilometres from Brønnøysund, in Tilrem, lies a still working, 250-year-old farm
comprising a glorious herb garden, a shop selling items produced at the farm, and a family-run restaurant.

Arrival 11/12/2024 early morning
Departure 11/12/2024 mid afternoon

A natural paradise, Smøla is an island surrounded by an archipelago of thousands of small islands, islets and reefs, all
bathed in an extraordinary light. The sheep freely graze the moorland. Ocean and fresh water meet, forming bays,
ponds and pools of brackish water conducive to the development of a high biodiversity. In winter, the island serves as
a refuge to numerous seabird species. One of these is the sea eagle, or white-tailed eagle – a protected species of
which the densest population is found here. The island’s inhabitants subsist primarily on fishing and will share their
culinary traditions with you by introducing you to some local products. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even
try your hand at fishing in the crystal-clear waters or you can visit the island of Hitra.

Arrival 11/13/2024 early morning
Departure 11/13/2024 early afternoon

In this wild fjord topped by high mountains with snow-covered peaks, the only road that remains open in winter is
called Eagle Road. Leaving the village of Geiranger, it rises sharply to 625 metres (2,000 feet) above the fjord via 12
hairpin bends. The summit offers a magnificent panorama over the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You
will able to hear the rumble of the Seven Sisters Waterfall, which tumbles down into the fjord in a cloud of foam. The
road then continues up Mount Dalsnibba, which rises to an altitude of 1,475 metres (almost 5,000 feet). In this region,
as you will learn at the Norwegian Fjord Centre, agriculture follows a tradition dating back to the Vikings. A farm in the
vicinity has been run by the same family for 300 years. With several hundred goats, it is one of the largest summer
farms in the country’s mountains.

Arrival 11/14/2024
Departure 11/14/2024 late afternoon

Fall under the spell of Ålesund, which is crossed by the pretty Brosundet Canal and surrounded by a string of rocky
islets, fjord inlets and majestic mountains. This large herring fishing port is especially reputed for its Art Nouveau
architecture. Following the 1904 fire that reduced much of the city to ashes, German architects and artisans rebuilt it
in stone and brick, creating a unique homogenous ensemble. You will find out more about it at the Art Nouveau
Museum. You will then be able to take to the heights on Godøy Island and climb the Godøyfjellet Mountain to enjoy a
magnificent panorama. The picturesque Alnes Lighthouse also offers spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. The
relief changes sharply on Giske Island, which is flat and fertile.
Arrival 11/15/2024 early morning
Departure 11/15/2024 mid afternoon

Nordfjordeid is a small town nestling at the end of an arm of the gigantic Nordfjord. Featuring valleys with abundant
vegetation and mountainous terrain, nature here offers a 360-degree view that was conducive to the early settlement
of Viking communities, as evidenced by the large number of tombs, some of the country’s largest and richest. You will
be able to deepen your knowledge of Nordic culture and traditions at the Sagastad Viking Centre, a surprising
museum with interactive exhibitions, also home to the Myklebust, one of the world’s largest Viking ships, measuring 30
metres (98 feet) in length. In addition to its stunning setting, the town is known for its many breeders of Norwegian
farm horses, the Fjord horse, offering the opportunity for wonderful hikes in the surrounding area.

Arrival 11/16/2024 early morning
Departure 11/16/2024 late evening

Nestled in the heart of the fjord country, less than 200 kilometres from Bergen, the picturesque village of Flåm –
pronounced Flôm – offers you an experience of authentic Norway. You can mosey around the brightly coloured streets
and admire the majestic contours of the surrounding mountains. The town is also the departure point for the
mythical train route Flamsbana, 20 kilometres long, whose journey offers a superb view of the scenery, as sublime as it
is pristine. This attraction makes Flåm one of the country’s main tourist destinations.

Arrival 11/17/2024
Departure 11/17/2024

Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, you will sail in the Sognefjord. This stunning fjord extends approximately 200
kilometres (125 miles) inland, making it the longest in Europe. The Sognefjord is also the widest fjord in Norway,
stretching across 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) on average. Its depth can range from 100 metres (328 feet) near its mouth
to more than 1,300 metres (4,265 feet). You will see charming villages suspended on the mountainside or nestling
along the banks, and admire the waterfalls and perfectly carved wild shores. Like the great rivers with multiples
tributaries, the Sognefjord branches off into a large number of arms and fjords that you will be able to glimpse during
this magnificent cruise.

Arrival 11/18/2024 early morning
Departure 11/18/2024 early afternoon

The small and charming capital of the Shetland Islands, with its sea front of old houses and narrow streets, offering
travellers its old districts and a warm port atmosphere. Geopark Shetland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located to
the north. Incredibly well-preserved archaeological sites and ruins prove that the islands’ occupation dates back to
the first Neolithic colonies. The Shetland Museum and Archives recounts the Shetlands’ history of heritage and culture:
Lerwick’s abundant waters were even fished by the Dutch in the past.

Arrival 11/19/2024 early morning
Disembarkation 11/20/2024 at 8:00 AM

Located at the end of Byfjord, Bergen was the capital of Norway in the 12th and 13th Centuries and has preserved
some very beautiful monuments from the time when it was home to royalty. Wandering through Bergen’s streets
means going back in time, in search of the hidden treasures that have been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
A veritable openair museum, Bergen is home to a thriving artistic community of painters, potters, jewellers. The
Bergen cable car offers you a splendid panorama over the port and the surrounding fjords. Do not miss the visit to
the old quarter with its narrow streets, a testimony of the power of the hanseatic League that controlled trade in
Northern Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

Le Commandant Charcot (Luxury Expedition, 270-guests)

Le Commandant-Charcot welcomes you to an intimate and refined atmosphere. Equipped with just 135 staterooms including 31 suites with balconies and outside views, the ship offers outstanding gastronomy in its two restaurants, relaxation in the indoor pool surrounded by its winter garden, relaxation in the well-being area with sauna and Snow Room... Like on a private yacht, each of our guests is unique.

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  • For your serenity, PONANT selects a flight and organises the transfer between the airport and the port. This package is included in your cruise fare.
  • Embarkation day Paris/Narvik
  • Flight Paris/Narvik selected by PONANT.
  • Approximate flight duration: 4 h 00.
  • We highly recommend you arrive in Paris the day before this flight.
  • We suggest you to be at the check-in counter 2 hours before departure.
  • Meet & greet at the airport by our local English-speaking representative.
  • Transfer to the pier for embarkation.
- Cruise aboard your cruise ship -

This programme includes:
  • Flight Paris/Narvik selected by PONANT in economy class.
  • Transfer mentioned in the programme.
  • English-speaking assistance.

This programme does not include:
  • Personal expenses.
  • Any other service not mentioned in the programme.

Please note:
  • Flight included in the programme is as of today, operated in economy class, on a European airline.
  • Due to limited local transportation resources, waiting might be generated.
  • For passengers in transit in Paris, we recommend staying one night in Paris before this flight.
  • Programme and flight schedule are subject to change without prior notice.


You will make the most of the sailing opportunities and weather and ice conditions to glide along on the clear waters or between the ice floes and get as close as possible to the immaculate nature of the poles. Supervised by licenced expert guides, you will try your hand in a kayak- a craft favoured by the Inuits for at least 4,000 years.  The kayak was initially used for hunting and fishing; for you, it will be a means of making the most of your adventure on the White Continent or in the Far North.*

*with limited places available


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